Final Fantasy Females

Fact #7: At the end of The After Years, Rydia agrees to take care of the last remaining Maenad and names her Cruore.

Fact #6: Ashe’s model was used in the production of Final Fantasy XIII as a stand-in.

Fact #9: Serah’s weapon is a bowsword; and depending on the distance, she will switch its form in battle to suit the situation.

Fact #7: Rikku is capable of instantly destroying machina with the Steal command.

Fact #7: Eiko would steal food from the town of Conde Petie.

Fact #2: Faris is a pirate captain with her own ship and crew.

Fact #8: Rinoa’s main Limit Break uses her dog, Angelo.

Fact #7: Palom and Porom were originally assigned to go with Cecil to spy on his activities.

Fact #1: Krile is an optomistic young girl.

Fact #9: Lightning’s abilities closely resemble that of a Red Mage.